Mexa Acoustic Guitar Bag Compatible with 38; 39; 40; 41; Inches Guitar Like - Fender; Yamaha; Cort; Ibanez; Xtag; Ashton; Kadence; Vault; Givson Other Brands. (Blue)

699 ₹1299
  • Mexa Acoustic Guitar Bag

    Featuring: Heavy Padded Bag / Cover / Case for All 38, 39, 40, 41 Inch Acoustic Guitars Like Yamaha / Oscar Schmidt 12-Strings / Fender / Vault / Gibson / PRS / GandL / Rickenbacker / Ibanez / ESP / Jackson / Schecter / Epiphone / hobner / havana / henrix / Martin / Taylor / Seagull / Ovation / Washburn and All other Brands. f you are a musician looking for a storage / gig bag for your acoustic guitar, check out this Stylish and Durable musical instrument storage and gig bag It protects your guitar.

  • 10 mm thick foam padding used for extra protection to your instrument from impact
  • Front compartment provided to store smaller items like song books, plectrum, strings, picks, capo, strap, tuner and other accessories
  • Heavy duty adjustable straps are provided to secure your instrument while you are holding it
  • Easy to wash easy to maintain high quality durable material
  • The bag has a zipper closure with strong and convenient handle
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  • Product Code :WPS/BPC
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